The following lodgings are listed in order of distance from the Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba. All of them satisfy good price/quality relation for each type of lodging. The prices are approximate and refer to the cheapest room offered. There are a lot more lodgings available in Córdoba city, we recommend to stay in the closer neighborhoods of Nueva Córdoba, Centro and Alberdi in case you rent an apart or another lodging for reasons of security and transportation.

ALOHA Habemus Hostel
12 USD/night.

Tango Hostel
17.5 USD/night.

Concord Rent Apart
46 USD/night.

Hotel de la Cañada
50 USD/night.

Casa Artigas Hostel
Special Price of 8 USD/night
by mentioning that you will attend the FoF 2019 at the OAC.

Coralt Aparts Montevideo
37 USD/night.

On Aparts
44 USD/night.

NH Cordoba Urbano Hotel
48 USD/night.

B 131 Apartments
46 USD/night.

531 Hostel
10 USD/night.

Hotel Sussex
30 USD/night.

Interplaza Hotel
42 USD/night.

Hotel Alto Parana
23 USD/night.