In-person attendees

The meeting will be held at the Mirta Mosconi auditorium of the Cordoba’s Observatory (Laprida 854, X5000BGR, Córdoba, Argentina). In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people allowed in the auditorium might be restricted according to the government requirements at the time of the event.

Remote attendees

Part of the conference will take place on Discord. The Discord server is intended to allow interaction and discussion among congress participants.

Reception desk
Once entered the discord server it looks like this:

Image 1  in contruction


The server consists of a collection of text and voice channels (listed on the left-hand side, marked respectively with hash and speaker). Just click on a channel to join it.
You can participate simultaneously in a text channel and a voice channel.
On voice channels, you can listen and talk. On text channels you can read and write messages, as well as share material, such as links, figures and slides, for instance.

Image 2  in contruction

Channels for Talks, Workshops and Posters

Each instance in FoF 2021 has associated channels, one for text and one for voice. The channel name is the section identifier. The voice channel also contains a letter indicating the main session to which it is assigned.
We ask participants to be available on the voice channel of their presentation/workshop during the corresponding session. Of course, the discussion can continue at other times….
For example, here we are participating in both the voice channel and the text channel of the posters.

image 3  in contruction

Channel for ad-hoc dicussions
The server also offers channel for ad-hoc discussions in the coffee break.

image 4 in contruction


You can see the list of members, i.e. other participants to the conference, on the right-hand side panel.
You may need to click on (A) to make the list visible.
You can message other participants directly from the list.
“SOC/LOC”, who are part of the organizing team are listed at the top.

Image 5 in contruction


You can adjust your user settings by opening the menu at the bottom of the left-hand side panel (B). Check whether your microphone is muted (C). You might also want to enable/disable notifications, sounds when participants enter or leave a channel by clicking on (D) or via the server settings.

image 6 in contruction

If you need help

If you need help navigating the server, posting and interacting with other users, please contact a member of the SOC/LOC.

A few more tips: