The Friends of Friends is a yearly international meeting that gathers researchers from several countries around the world with the purpose of foster interactions with local researchers and promote the creation of new collaboration networks.
The meeting is organized jointly by the Instituto de Astronomía Teórica y Experimental (IATE) and the Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba (OAC). The event encourage the strong participation of researchers and doctoral and posdoctoral students from the local community. The main topics cover from solar plasmas to cosmology, with focus on the traditional research areas of the organizing institutions.
The main purpose of this metting is to strengthten existing collaborations and to encourage the interaction between recognized researchers and students, posdocs and local researchers. Also, it aims at promoting the creation of new collaboration networks, exposing the works of local researchers in an international environment, updating the knowledge on the topics presented at the meeting and bringing new research topics and projects to students. The organization of all the activities are oriented to encourage the development of new initiatives with local and visiting participants.  Previous editions of this meeting have produced successfull collaboration networks to generate observational and theoretical projects.
In this new eddition, the FoF Meeting will cover some hot topics on several areas of astronomy, that include plasma physics, dynamics of stellar systems, stellar evolution and extragalactic astronomy. The organized activities of the FoF Meeing generates a friendly environment which promotes interactions between researchers, and include plenary talks, contributed talks and posters, discussing groups and hand on sessions. Also, the introduction of new “friends” to the collaboration networks allows to include new approaches, data sources or theoretical tools to ongoing projects.
The talks are oriented to a profesional audience, and promotes the discussion of the state of the art of hot topics within the areas of expertise of the organizing institutions research departments and of the participants from other countries. Also, special sessions are organized in order to help students and young researchers to initiate on new subjects or to develop skills and use modern tools.



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