Kinematics and metallicity of the Galactic Bulge with the GIBS survey

The GIRAFFE Inner Bulge Survey (GIBS) is a spectroscopic survey of ~ 6500 core helium burning (red clump) stars in the Milky Way Bulge, carried out with the FLAMES GIRAFFE spectrograph at the VLT. The aim of the GIBS survey is to derive the metallicity and radial velocity distributions of Bulge stars, across 31 fields in the region of  Galactic longitude range -10º to +10º and latitude range -10º to +5º, using the calibration from Vásquez et al. (2015) between the CaT equivalent widths and [Fe/H]. In this talk I will present these distributions and, coupling kinematical and chemical composition information, investigate whether we can confirm the presence of two distinct components, and what their properties are.