Determination of reddening and age for ten Large Magellanic Cloud star clusters from integrated spectroscopy

We present flux-calibrated integrated spectra in the optical range obtained at CASLEO (Argentina) for a sample of 10 concentrated star clusters belonging to the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). No previous data exist for two of these objects (SL142 and SL624), while most of the remaining clusters have been only poorly studied. We derive simultaneously foreground E(B-V) reddening values and ages for the cluster sample comparing their integrated spectra to template cluster spectra, with well known ages, and to two different sets of single stellar population models. For the studied sample, we derive ages between ~ 1 Myr and ~ 250 Myr. In an effort to create a spectral library at the LMC metallicity level with several clusters per age range, the cluster sample here presented stands out as a useful complement to previous ones.