PDF versions of the talks

David ALGORRY: Bar formation in simulated disc galaxies

Laura CECCARELLI: The motion of emptiness

Carlos CORREA: Feasibility study of the Alcock-Paczyński cosmological test using cosmic voids

Stefano CRISTIANI: The contribution of Quasars and Galaxies to the UV background

Sergio DASSO: Coherent and large scale structures in the solar wind, their associated driven shocks, and effects on galactic cosmic rays

Arianna DI CINTIO: Distinguishing CDM from non standard DM models: the vital role of baryon physics

Gian Luigi GRANATO: The central structure of Intra-Cluster Medium: recent encouraging results from simulations

Octavio GUILERA: Numerical methods in giant planet formation

Damián MAST: CALIFA, the Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area survey

Mario MELITA: The origin of the ring system of asteroid (10199) Chariklo

Javier MINNITI: Kinematics and metallicity of the Galactic Bulge with the GIBS survey

Giuseppe MURANTE: Simulating disk galaxies with a novel sub-grid prescription

Giuseppe MURANTE: A simple model for studying the influence of exoplanets climate on their habitability

Tania PEÑUELA: GW150914 and the TOROS follow up

Gustavo ROMERO: Gravitational waves: history, detection, and prospects

Laerte SODRÉ: Galaxy Evolution with Machine Learning

Federico STASYSZYN: The Magnetic Universe through vector potential SPMHD simulations

Ernesto ZURBRIGGEN: MHD simulations of solar supra-arcade downflows including thermal conduction