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Instituto de Astronomía Teórica y Experimental (IATE) – Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba (OAC)

Address:  Francisco Narciso de Laprida 854, Córdoba City, Córdoba Province, Argentina.
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(The information shown may be outdated, it is recommended to verify the details by consulting in each case )

There are two airports in Buenos Aires. Aeropuerto Internacional Ezeiza “Ministro Pistarini” (EZE, generally called just Ezeiza, 30 km away from the capital, Buenos Aires); and airport Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP, situated in Buenos Aires itself, at just minutes from downtown) which handles domestic flights.

If you arrive to Ezeiza there are three direct flights to Córdoba, at 07:10 am, 12:00 am and 21:35 pm (Aerolineas Argentinas). If these conections are not suitable for you, you will need to change airport and go to catch other flights to Aeroparque. In order to do so, you can choose between Manuel Tienda León shuttle services, Uber or take a taxi.

Manuel Tienda León offers different shuttle services from airport to airport.
Bus $550 (Argentinian Pesos)
Remis (four-seater vehicle) $1680 (Argentinian Pesos)
Tickets can be purchased online or directly at the Ezeiza terminal. Info in Manuel Tienda León
You can choose to take an Uber, which will cost you around $1200.
Another possibility is to take a black and yellow taxi outside the hall of the Ezeiza airport, this will cost you around $1100.


The following lodgings are listed in order of distance from the Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba. All of them satisfy good price/quality relation for each type of lodging. The prices are approximate and refer to the cheapest room offered. There are a lot more lodgings available in Córdoba city, we recommend to stay in the closer neighborhoods of Nueva Córdoba, Centro and Alberdi in case you rent an apart or another lodging for reasons of security and transportation.

ALOHA Habemus Hostel
12 USD/night.

Tango Hostel
18.5 USD/night.

Concord Rent Apart
46 USD/night.

Hotel de la Cañada
50 USD/night.

Casa Artigas Hostel

Coralt Aparts Montevideo
37 USD/night.

On Aparts
44 USD/night.

NH Cordoba Urbano Hotel
59 USD/night.

B 131 Apartments
46 USD/night.

531 Hostel
10 USD/night.

Hotel Sussex
30 USD/night.

Hotel Alto Parana
23 USD/night.

Kube Apartments

Hotel Viena
39 USD/night.