About the meeting

The Friends of Friends (FoF) meeting is a yearly international meeting that aims to gather researchers from around the world with the purpose of fostering interactions with local researchers and promoting the creation of new collaboration networks. The meeting is jointly organized by the Instituto de Astronomía Teórica y Experimental (IATE) and the Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba (OAC).
The FoF meeting is not oriented to a specific topic. In this edition, the meeting will cover most of the research areas that are being developed in both institutions and it will emphasize those newer and less developed ones that will be of interest to the local astronomical community. Topics will focus on Radioastronomy, Solar physics, Exoplanets dynamics, evolution and interaction with their surroundings, Exoplanets detection and characterization, Interstellar medium, Stars, Data Science, Large-scale structure, and Galaxies. The meeting will help to highlight new observational projects like the radiotelescopes that are being developed in Argentina, e.g. CART (China-Argentina Radio Telescope) and LLAMA (Large Latin American Millimeter Array).

Organizing Institutions


Laura Baravalle (IATE)
Viviana Bertazzi (IATE)
Emiliano Jofré (OAC)
Adriana Rodriguez Kamenetzky (IATE)
Cecilia Ortiz (OAC)
Romina Petrucci (OAC)
Carlos Valotto (IATE)
Carolina Villalon (IATE)
Carolina Villarreal D’Angelo (IATE)
Ernesto Zurbriggen (IATE)