Lebron Santos, M.

New infrared galaxy candidates near the Ophiuchus supercluster

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Monday 8th
New infrared galaxy candidates near the Ophiuchus supercluster
We study the extension of the Ophiuchus supercluster toward the dust-obscured Milky Way disk (ZoA) using the Spitzer GLIMPSE 3D archived data. A catalog of galaxy candidates from the northern galactic bulge was compiled. Three color images covering a 24 sq deg area were visually inspected for galaxy identification using selection criteria based on morphology at the 8 micron GLIMPSE 3D images, following Marleau et al. 2008 work. 119 galaxy candidates were selected for the final catalog. Each candidate was also searched for a counterpart in the ALLWISE catalog. The WISE colors of the sample were compared with color-color diagrams of galaxies in the ZoA with detected and non-detected HI. Most of the galaxies in our catalog share the WISE color-color space with the galaxies with detected HI. We require spectroscopic observation to determine the membership in the Ophiuchus supercluster of the galaxies in our sample. Ongoing HI surveys like Wallaby will be of great benefit to this project.