Menezes, F.

Physical Characteristics Correlations of Starspots on GKM Stars

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Thursday 11th
Physical Characteristics Correlations of Starspots on GKM Stars
Starspots, along with magnetic fields, serve as indicators for estimating stellar ages, as older stars exhibit reduced magnetic activity and fewer, smaller starspots compared to younger counterparts. The Sun and other main sequence stars have magnetic fields that permeate their interior and surface, and extend through the interplanetary medium, and are the main driver of stellar activity. One way to better understand stellar magnetic fields and activity is through the characterization of starspots properties. Using modeling of planetary transits in stellar light curves, it is possible to estimate the size, intensity, and position of spots on the stellar photosphere. Furthermore, with the characterization of the spots, it is possible to estimate their magnetic field with a linear relation to the flux deficit established with sunspots that were previously characterized. For our analysis, we used spots that were previously mapped on the photosphere of CoRoT-2, Kepler-17, Kepler-45, Kepler-63, Kepler-71, Kepler-210, Kepler-411, and KOI-883. We could establish correlations between starspots properties for different stellar ages, rotation period, and spectral types.