Oio, G.

Outflows in IR selected AGNs

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Monday 8th
Outflows in IR selected AGNs
Active galactic nucleus (AGN) driven outflows can have a significant impact on the evolution of the host galaxy. In this presentation, I will compare the properties of galaxies that hosts AGNs with and without outflows. Our sample consists of 103 AGNs identified by mid-IR color-color selection, and confirmed with optical spectroscopy at a redshift range of 0.3 ≲ z ≲ 0.9. We fit the [O III] λ5007 line using spectra from the zCOSMOS survey to identify and to study the occurrence of outflows. We find that ionized outflows are present in ∼25% of our sample, with the largest incidence at the highest [O III] and X-ray luminosity bins. The fastest outflows are found in the more extended and massive galaxies. We do not observe a difference in the star formation rate of AGNs with outflows compared to AGNs without outflows. From visual inspection and non-parametric morphological studies, we obtain that outflows are preferentially observed in galaxies with disk-type and elliptical morphologies.