Monday 3

Stefan Gottlöber: From Large Volumes to Near Field Cosmology

Cecilia Scannapieco: The formation of disc galaxies in computer simulations

Sebastián Nuza: Gas accretion onto MW-like galaxies and the Local Group

Ismael Ferrero: Abundance matching, galaxy sizes, and the Tully-Fisher relation in EAGLE

Gian Luigi Granato: On dust obscured simulations

Gustavo Yepes: The MUSIC of galaxy clusters

Diego Pallero: Tracing the Quenching History in Galaxy Clusters in the EAGLE Simulation

Yara Jaffé: The impact of ram-pressure stripping in cluster and group galaxies

Tuesday 4

Virginia Cúneo: 30 years of optical spectroscopy from the symbiotic binary PU Vulpeculae

Sebastián Ramírez Alegría: Near-infrared eyes to observe obscured and massive young stellar clusters

Wednesday 5

Alvaro Alvarez-Candal: What we (don't) know about the trans-Neptunian objects

Federico Stasyszyn: Faraday Rotation Measures dependence with galaxy clusters dynamics

Bruno Sánchez: Bogus/Real implementation on new Image Subtraction algorithm

Thursday 6

Michael Balogh: Satellite galaxies and the baryon cycle

Graeme Candlish: Tidal effects in galaxy clusters

Sofía Cora: Catalogs of simulated galaxies: MultiDark Galaxies

Juan Pedro Fisanotti: Current ecosystem for ANNs in Python

Friday 7

Yan-Chuan Cai: Cosmology with Cosmic Voids

Carlos Correa: Determining Cosmological Parameters with Cosmic Voids

Laura Ceccarelli: The motion of emptiness: Dynamics of cosmic voids

Heliana Luparello: Voids and Superstructures: correlations and induced large–scale velocity flows

Yolanda Jiménez Teja: CHEF bases for astronomical data analysis

Maria Chira: Environmental Dependence of Dark Matter Halo Abundances

Gastão Lima Neto: Galaxy cluster collisions

Elizabeth Gonzalez: Weak lensing mass determinations

Martin Chalela: A weak lensing analysis of Compact Groups

Martín Makler: Gravitational arcs as cosmological and astrophysical probes: the case of Stripe 82

Ezequiel Boero: Gravitational lensing and exact geometrical models for astrophysical systems in the cosmological contexts