Welcome to the 7th Edition of the FoF Meeting

This meeting began seven years ago as an opportunity to join together researchers from IATE with their external collaborators in a networking friendly atmosphere. The constant growth of the meeting in recent years has resulted in the natural inclusion of our fraternal institution OAC as well as other researchers.

In this new edition of the FoF Meeting we will give special attention to the specific area of Computational Astrophysics, transversal to all the areas developed in our institutions.

As every year, sessions will be held covering most areas of astronomy and will be accompanied by a special session for Computational Astrophysics. This will allow participants to learn and foster new ideas from topics outside their main area of interest.

The meeting includes the following:

Registration Deadline: February 19th, 2017

Organizers: Viviana Bertazzi, Mariana Cécere, Mariano Dominguez, Luciana Gramajo, Damián Mast, Luis Pereyra, Emanuel Sillero, Tania Tagliaferro, Antonela Taverna